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VRInsight CDU II Panel Avionic Online SimWare FMC FSX CAPTAIN 757

VRInsight CDU II (FMC) Panel tested with the FSX 757 Captain SIM (4.2) in full screen mode. more informations here : - Do...

CDU Panel

VR Insight CDU Panel.

DCS:A-10C CDU Panel Test


DCS panels - setting up MFCDs and CDU on 1 HW monitor in DCS World (DCS-A10C)

More info on This is application for displaying instruments - MFCDs and CDU from DCS World (DCS-A10C) on Android devices. You can control these in...

Opencockpits CDU V3 sioc with Prosim 737 HomeCockpit

Here is the review of the CDU v3 of opencockpits with prosim 737 Music:Kingdom Of Heaven- Ibelin.

Touchscreen Flight Management Computer

Just testing out my new Touchscreen monitor. I had to use my thumb at times because I couldn't press hard enough with my index finger; if I hold the back of ...


PANEL:Sismo Soluciones MCP・EFIS・NAV1/2 :CPflight Throttole:FSC(Flight Simulator Center) Yoke:ACE(Aircraft Controls Engineering) CDU:FLYENGRAVITY Rudder:Preci...

Présentation de mon pit et du CDU.

Petite présentation de mon pit et du tout nouveau panel CDU.

Essais de gravure - touches pour CDU

Gravure de quelques touches pour réalisation du panel CDU.

VRInsight CDUII with Prosim737

Marty does it again. Interacting Prosim737 with my old CDU II from VRInsight of which I had put down to a lost cause. Although with the latest software it wo...

Home Built CDU

Home Built CDU from Hispa panels with backlightning and using USB_Keys for buttons and in this movie with project magenta as software but works perfect with ...

iControl DCS Live CDU and Caution Warning

Check out for continued updates! iControl DCS with live CDU display and Caution Warning panel.

VrInsight CDU II with Level-D Boeing 767 on FSX

short video of my CDU II, works perfectly with Level-D 767 and now with PMDG 737 NGX on FSX, very simple installation and perfect for more realism, together ...

From civil rights campaigner to CDU national politician | 20 years after the fall of the wall

Arnold Vaatz was a founder member and spokesman for the Neues Forum (New Forum) civil rights group,and was also a member of the panel set up to bring the out...

FSX Virtual CDU NGX App Demo

Virtual CDU Android app for PMDG NGX and iFly 737. A quick hand held camera phone vid so please excuse quality. This is to show how easy the app works and ho...

737-800 SIM Fire Protection Panel TEST

私のSIMの737-800の Overheat/Fire Protection and CARGO FIRE Panelです。フライト前の動作チェック状況です。これらは、イタリアのCPflight製です。 FRONT/OVERHEAD PANEL: Sismo Soluciones MCP・EFIS・AFT El...

Heureka Conference 2013 - Global leaders out of Berlin (Panel)

The start-up scene is not limited by geographical borders or cultural differences. Get involved in an active discussion about Europe's major start-up cities,...

PMDG 737 NGX | Full FMC/CDU Voice Tutorial EASY!!

Walking you through on how to program your FMC with ease. Hope you enjoy this tutorial and makes flying more fun for you! If you like the tutorial please giv...

Flightdeck Solutions PRO-MX-CDU Promo Video

FDS-PRO-MX-CDU WWW.FLIGHTDECKSOLUTIONS.COM Delivering High Fidelity Flightdeck Components is a long standing tradition at Flightdeck Solutions. The new PRO-M...


This is my FDS CDU 747, running ProSim737 CDU Software. I know it's a 747 CDU running 737 software, but it's just a mater of memorizing the correct buttons, ...

iFly Home Cockpit Builder's Edition with Flight Deck Solutions CDU Video 1

This is a demonstration of the Flight Deck Solutions PRO-MX-CDU with the iFly Home Cockpit Builder's Edition. Even though I use the CDU display on my main FS...

FlightDeckSolutions B737NG-PROMX-CDU with Sim Avionics

FlightDeckSolutions B737NG-PROMX-CDU Setup IFR from RJTT to RJOO.

How to setup a flight with cdu II

Showing how to setup a flight with the fmc from Vrinsight.

Opencockpits 737NG CDU v3

Quick test of OCs CDU with Prosim:737.

Testing PL-10E turnout motor with LEDs and DC CDU

This is just a quick video of final wiring and testing the PECO PL-10E point motor with a Stapleton 751D CDU. Testing this with LED lights on an N scale elec...