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CDU Panel

VR Insight CDU Panel.

VRInsight CDU II Panel Avionic Online SimWare FMC FSX CAPTAIN 757

VRInsight CDU II (FMC) Panel tested with the FSX 757 Captain SIM (4.2) in full screen mode. more informations here : - Do...

DCS:A-10C CDU Panel Test


DCS panels - setting up MFCDs and CDU on 1 HW monitor in DCS World (DCS-A10C)

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VRInsight B737 Overhead Panel Easy Engine Start-Up


CDU 1 panel unbuxing (HUN)

VRInsight CDUII with Prosim737

Marty does it again. Interacting Prosim737 with my old CDU II from VRInsight of which I had put down to a lost cause. Although with the latest software it wo...

Présentation de mon pit et du CDU.

Petite présentation de mon pit et du tout nouveau panel CDU.


PANEL:Sismo Soluciones MCP・EFIS・NAV1/2 :CPflight Throttole:FSC(Flight Simulator Center) Yoke:ACE(Aircraft Controls Engineering) CDU:FLYENGRAVITY Rudder:Preci...

CDU Social Media Week 2014 - Phemie Wright

CDU Higher Education and Training Developer, Phemie Wright, discussed the future of networked learning as this movement impacts on the learning, teaching and...

iControl DCS Live CDU and Caution Warning

Check out for continued updates! iControl DCS with live CDU display and Caution Warning panel.

[HD] PMDG 737 NGX | Full FMC/CDU Tutorial

PMDG 737 NGX | Full CFMC/CDU Tutorial Made by Josh Newman Rfinder route planner: Facebook group:


Vrinsight 737 overhead panel test.

#cnight: Talk mit Angela Merkel

Um die Bedingungen für Unternehmen und Start-ups ging es beim Talk mit Angela Merkel während der ersten #cnight am 5. November. Gemeinsam zur #cnight eingela...

Essais de gravure - touches pour CDU

Gravure de quelques touches pour réalisation du panel CDU.

FSX Virtual CDU NGX App Demo

Virtual CDU Android app for PMDG NGX and iFly 737. A quick hand held camera phone vid so please excuse quality. This is to show how easy the app works and ho...

Home Built CDU

Home Built CDU from Hispa panels with backlightning and using USB_Keys for buttons and in this movie with project magenta as software but works perfect with ...

Opencockpits CDU V3 sioc with Prosim 737 HomeCockpit

Here is the review of the CDU v3 of opencockpits with prosim 737 Music:Kingdom Of Heaven- Ibelin.

Flightdeck Solutions PRO-MX-CDU Promo Video

FDS-PRO-MX-CDU WWW.FLIGHTDECKSOLUTIONS.COM Delivering High Fidelity Flightdeck Components is a long standing tradition at Flightdeck Solutions. The new PRO-M...

A-10C DCS World CDU Mark Points / Flightplan & Initial and Pitch - AEF 161 Squadron

Hey Guys, A new video on how I use the A-10C CDU to create a flight plan which is comprised of multiple mark points. Then I employ six mavericks using the ne...

OC CDU V3 with ProSim

Created using Avid Studio.

DCS A-10C - CDU Offset - Entering part of Bullseye

This video aims at explaining how to input part of a Bullseye call into the CDU to create a steerpoint. The Bearing and Range is all that is required to be e...

Druckt die CDU immernoch das Internet aus?

Download: Wir von Radio GFM haben uns gefragt ob die CDU immernoch das Internet ausdruckt. Mar...

Home cockpit 737 - Build a Boeing: Mounting the CDU

A small video on how I have mounted the CDU on to the structure and how I got EXEC light to work. Read more at:

Sim Avionics glass cockpit FDS MCP-EFIS CDU

Hardware by FlightDeckSolutions of Canada- includes the JetMaxx MCP/EFIS unit plus the ProMaxx CDU (FMC) for Boeing 737. Glass cockpit software and controlle...